Time management is crucial for any entrepreneur who wants to drive growth. When it comes to shipping, time management is even more important, which is why researching and implementing tools and software to streamline your processes is so important. Finding an efficient shipping method is crucial to taking your business to the next level quickly.

1) Building a full-service channel for your e-commerce website will help you to manage your shipping online easily

Integrating the best shipping software with your site will streamline your shipping processes. Shipping can add up your business costs and erode your profits. Using e-commerce shipping software, or better yet e-commerce multi-carrier shipping software can help bring down your shipping costs and increase profitability. Multi-carrier shipping software will calculate delivery costs, validate addresses, and track merchandise from dispatch time to when it reaches the customer. And this is the kind of convenience customers want. They want real-time information to make buying decisions.

2) Opt for one carrier to manage your shipping online and scale with it

When starting off with shipping, you need to do specific things, such as setting up shipments, authenticating addresses, printing shipping labels, and taking care of returns whenever they manifest. When you set up multiple systems, you’ll need to look for ways to lower costs, and that’s when you’ll start finding access to negotiated rates. You’ll also look for additional capabilities like cost allocation and integration with your systems. Multi-carrier shipping solutions like FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliver such capabilities.

3) To manage your shipping online successfully, keep your clients informed all the way

clients informed all the way Keeping customers a priced of their orders can play a crucial role in enhancing your business reputation. If customers can know their shipment status in real time, they will develop faith in your brand and stick by you. You can set up a tracking service on your shipping software that automatically sends text messages and emails to clients. Or you can just implement multicarrier shipping software that comes with tracking and reporting shipment status capabilities. The good thing about e-commerce multi-carrier shipping software is your clients and any employee dealing with shipment can see the status of the shipment in real time, wherever they are, anytime.

4) Proper packaging is key if you want to manage your shipping online successfully

Damaged merchandise is one of the sources of customer complaints and returns; which is why you need to take your packaging seriously. Test out your packaging materials to ensure that they will not be damaged in the course of shipping. This process will help reduce cases of damaged merchandise, boost relations with your customers and mitigate waste.

5) Keeping your costs down helps you to manage your shipping online successfully

Controlling costs is one of the things e-commerce business owners take seriously. And one way to do that is to use electronic billing. Electronic billing ensures that the shipping charges are in tune with your real costs. It also helps to minimize costs related to oversized packaging and incorrect addresses. Business in this day and age is about streamlining operations, that’s why staying on top of your costs using electronic billing is key.

6) Use e-commerce multicarrier shipping software to ship beyond borders

Businesses realize that they can ship internationality regardless of the size of their businesses. One barrier to running e-commerce internationally is shipping. However, with the innovation of shipping software that integrates with different carriers around the world, shipping beyond borders has not only become a reality but cost-effective as well.


Managing shipping has become easier than ever today due to the innovation of shipping software. Shipping software helps you manage your shipping online efficiently by integrating with multiple carriers, helping you track shipments, and reduce labor cost. All this helps you to operate profitably.