Being an entrepreneur can be tricky. This is true especially if you have an online store or deliver your goods across your country. Why? Well, you are always trying to ensure you ship correct products to correct addresses. What if we told you that you can manage your shipping online?

Do you wish to make the shipping process easier than before? If so, you can consider investing in e-commerce multi-carrier shipping software.

There is a never-ending supply of multi-carrier shipping solutions in the market. How do you select the best shipping software among the lot? Well, there are a few key considerations for multi-carrier shipping. You must take them into account when choosing an E-commerce shipping software.

The software must connect to your online store

This is one of the most basic yet highly essential factors. It is highly advised that you look for it in E-commerce shipping software. It allows you to make sure that you are able to reap benefits out of the shipping software. It does so by simply by having the capability of connecting with your online store.

The software should connect with your chosen carriers

Many of you might not have used shipping software back when you started your business. If so, the chances are you already have carriers that you prefer to use. The shipping software you select must at least connect you to your trusted carriers. It is always a good feature if the software offers more than your required number of carriers. So, not only should it link you to the ones you prefer but also give you cheaper and better options to choose from.

Excellent customer service

Your potential customers look for quality customer service. You should do so too when choosing your shipping software. Look at it this way. In this equation, you are their customers. You must make sure that the software you invest in has quality customer service. After all, this allows you to get your complaints and queries heard. Hence, try to look for shipping software that offers 24/7 support via email or phone.


There are various tips to implement a multi-carrier shipping software. Before deciding how to use your chosen shipping software, pick the best e-commerce shipping software, to begin with.Watch as you spend less time in managing your shipping operations and more